Friday, February 20, 2009

Logan's In Trouble:

Emmitt and Elmo rode on toward where they had last saw Logan. That onery Hicks boy had told Elmo that Harold Chew was out to get Logan. HC as they called him had teamed up with them Elliot boys and they were close behind Logan with nothin good on their minds. As Clinch mountain came in sight the Sackett boys spotted a whisp of smoke from a hat sized fire about half way up the mountain. Whatever was in HC's craw meant Logan was in a heap of trouble. HC once shot one of Nine Bowens mules just to see Nine spit. If that was Logan's fire the boys knew HC and the Elliot's could see it too. A slight mist was hanging on the mountain as Emmitt and Elmo eased around the scraggly bushes to within sight off Logan's forlorn camp...

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  1. It didn't look like Logan's camp. Like our paw taught us, Logan always built his hat sized fire under a large cedar tree so the branches would disperse the smoke. He would never make camp in an open space and we could not have gotten to within a mile of his camp without him knowing we were there. It was nor H C or the Elliot bunch cause there was only one horse tied up away from the fire. No one was around the fire so I went to check the horse and found two initials branded on the saddle. H B. It could only be Harvy Bates! Bates was a hired gun that had killed 11 men that we knew of and probably many more. Why would Bates be in this part of the country and who had sent for him?