Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just In Time

Emmitt left Elmo down by the meandering creek near the falls to guard the tired horses and keep an eye on the well worn trail. Emmitt thought things were way too quiet and wondered what could be causing this unsettled stillness. A chill shivered down his back as he slipped through the scrub brush toward a spot where Logan sometimes camped. Even the frogs had stopped their mournful song and a far away hawk screeched faintly in the silence. Emmitt could feel the cold tension rising when he spotted the fading embers of a campfire near the crooked old oak tree just a few feet in front of him. As he neared the little camp Emmitt spotted Logan slowly rolling to his back holding his trusty rifle in his hands. Then a cold numbing fear gripped Emmitt. For a moment he froze. A lone figure of a man with a rifle pointed at Logan was visible in the faint moonlight. No time to even think. Emmitt drew his pistol an fired. Somehow the bullet hit the silhouetted mans rifle and it flew from his hands into the night. The man fell back into the brush and faded into the darkness. Logan and Emmitt rode back down to the meandering creek near the falls to meet up with Elmo and together they would settle this. Tryin to shoot a Sackett might be seen by some as a big mistake...

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