Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Elliot's Kidnap Logan

The soft haze of a wood fire drifted like a lazy cloud over Sackett Valley on this cold winter mornin. The Sackett boys were all back in the valley for a long overdue visit with the family. The boys sure enjoyed the wild game and trimmins they had at Pa Sacketts shack on Christmas day. Somethin about gettin together at Christmas made the hard times seem a little easier. The only problem was that the no good Elliot boys had come back to the valley to visit their ner-do-well bunch over on the other side of Sackett Creek. A few days after Christmas Logan wanted to take a ride to see Sadie Lou Jackson over near where the trail starts up the south side of Clinch mountain. The boys told him that the trail he was takin came near where the Elliots were hangin out. Logan had a fast horse and said he'd be OK. When two days past an Logan didn't make it back the boys started to worry a bit. About the time they were gettin ready to set out lookin for Logan they spotted the dust from a running horse commin up the trail. They thought it was Logan but they soon realized it was Murl Ryan. The news wasn't good, Murl told the boys that he had seen three Elliot boys riddin up the Clinch moumtain trail with Logan tied up on his horse being led by Jeb Elliot. Well, that's it for the Christmas rest, Emmitt, Elmo and Elwood loaded up their rifles and headed for Clinch mountain. Them Elliots have stirred up a hornets nest that won't stop till Logan is back and the Elliot boys get their due.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sacketts Ride

Left to right: Logan, Elmo, Emmitt, and Elwood Sackett.