Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hot On The Trail:

Turns out it was ole Harvey Bates camp. On down the trail the boys spotted the faint glow from a small hat sized fire. As the boys rode on in they saw none other than Edgar Floyd layin up against a rock. Seems ole Edgar had slipped across the mountain to "have coffee" with Maud Carmack but stayed too long and didn't make it back to Sofi before dark. I'm afraid when he gets home he'll have a lot of splanning to do. So the boys rode on into the darkining night. With H.C., Harvey Bates and the Elliots all in the area Elmo and Emmitt were startin to worry some. Logan could handle about anything but things didn't look good with all the hired guns around. The boys still didn't know what Logan did to stir these scruffy faced good fer nothins up but whatever it was they had to find him and find him fast...

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