Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Logan's Story

Elwood, Elmo and Emmitt had covered every place the Elliot's had ever hid out but hadn't found a trace of little brother Logan. It had been nye on a week since that last glimpse of Logan headin up the Clinch mountain trail. The boys were purt near tuckered out and were wonderin if they'd ever see Logan again. They had built a small fire up against a flat rock which provided a bit of warm air drifting toward the boys and slowing the chill of the building darkness. Wern't much grub but the squirl that Elwood had shot that afternoon was roastn on the fire and would taste mighty good. It was stone cold still and the boy's thought they heard something, a sound, in the quiet chilly air. There was no mistake, it was the Sackett signal whistle. Elmo, the better whistler, returned the signal. The boys took cover and waited in the stillness. The leaves rustled with an approaching animal. Sure nuff in rode Logan on his familiar horse. The boys were shore happy to be together again. Logan said Jeb Elliot got the drop on him when he crossed Sackett Creek and took him over to Needmore to the old Yandell cabin. Last night while Jeb was guarding him Logan got loose and whacked Jeb in the head with a rifle butt. He took old Jeb down to the Needmore store and tied him to the hitchin post. He said he hid till mornin and watched everybody laughin at Jeb. Logan said Jeb was fightin mad. Then Logan headed to where he figured the boys would be and now things are back to even in Sackett Valley.

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