Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Smoke

Elmo led the way down Needmore's dusty wind blown street. Close behind was Logan, rifle at the ready, and a determined scowl on his face. A ways back was Emmitt. The boys never knew who might be following them. Emmitt felt important guarding the approach. They walked past the deserted Needmore Saloon and on down the narrow street toward the church. As they neared the church the boys spotted a whisp of white smoke wafting into the darkening sky coming from behind the old church building . A scruffy dog scooted by and out of sight. Guns ready the boys cautiously rounded the back corner of the church. The sight that they laid eyes on caused a stunned silence. Sitting on a worn log bench was Sofi Floyd, Maud Carmack, Maudi Davis and Nine Bowen. They were helping to stir corn mash in a big black kettle that the boys new to be a whisky still. A still just a few feet from the old church. What stunned the boys the most was the sight of the bedraggled leader of this bunch, rough and unshaven with a big chaw of chew bulging in his jaw. "We found him," Elmo yelled to Emmitt who stayed at the front of the church just in case. There was Elwood sitting on a leaning stump telling this motley crew every move to make. After Elmo, Logan and Emmitt got everything cleaned up they got Elwood and all four Sacketts headed north over Needmore Mountain to settle the score with whoever it was that tried to shoot Logan over on Clinch Mountain.

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